Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral with a monoclinic crystal system. Like most stones, the charm of Malachite is in its natural occurring colour. It has an olive-green body, which transitions into blue-green edges on every side before ending in grey or white tips. All its shades are beautiful, but some have brighter colours which give them an unusual interest factor – just looking at its swirls, rings, and intricate marbling is captivating. Malachite crystals have many different forms, from aggregates, druses, and botryoidal structures to clusters of fibrous crystals. Malachite is a stone that has many healing properties. It helps with mental clarity, communication skills and willpower.

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Malachite is a beautiful copper mineral that ranges from light green to dark in colour. All shades are beautiful but some have brighter colours which give them an unusual interest factor for people who prefer variety or anything unique!

Malachite properties

Malachite is a stone of protection, courage, and power. It protects its owner from negativity and bad luck. Malachite also protects from radiation and electromagnetic pollution, opening the heart to unconditional love. Malachite can be used to help heal emotional pain. It will absorb your negative emotions and make you feel better because it brings balance into every area of our lives: mind-body connection (Heart chakra), communication skills with others around us or inside ourselves (Throat Chakras).

Every business needs a little magic in its step. This is where you'll find it, at every turn! Place small pieces of malachite near the entrance and on each corner to draw customers who may not be aware that they're walking into an establishment filled with good vibes from start to finish. Placing a Malachite crystal in your bedroom draws customers to your business with their feet first! Worn during meetings or trade shows helps us win over potential clients by making ourselves seem more authoritative.